Michelle Murrain at Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology has posted the latest edition of the Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants, where she asked how the economy is changing the way we all work in the nonprofit sector. Read her post.

On the same topic, you might also be interested in these takes on the question . .  .

The Chronicle of Philanthropy asks, “What do you do when you lose a grant?” Don’t whine about it. And should you talk about your financial woes on your blog? Only very carefully, I say. I’m all for transparency, but begging isn’t attractive and talking about being in the red isn’t particularly inspiring for donors either. Tread lightly. 

JVA Consulting offers a few tips on how nonprofits can cope during tough times and GiftWorks talks specifically about how you should change your fundraising appeals (and not change them) given the economic crisis. Their last tip is to keep up with your continuing education (All-Access Pass to Nonprofit Marketing Guide.com anyone?)

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