Editorial planning works, we promise!

If you want to really get serious about your nonprofit communications, YOU HAVE TO USE AN EDITORIAL CALENDAR.

We’ve proven (and I bet you already know) editorial planning works and is a key component in creating an effective communications program.

Having an editorial calendar shouldn’t be an option for any organization who wants to create successful marketing and fundraising communications.

When you connect the dots between all the content you are creating in an editorial calendar, you create bigger, bolder, more powerful work.

Join us next week as I show you how to control the chaos that is so often nonprofit communications work by sharing:

Everything You Need to Know About Nonprofit Editorial Calendars

Two-Part Webinar Series with Kivi Leroux Miller

May 14 & 16, 2019

Only time offered in 2019

1:00 – 2:00 p.m. Eastern (10 – 11 a.m. Pacific)

Registration for this series is $199

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(You can also attend both of these webinars and every other training webinar for the next 365 days for only $699 with an All-Access Training Pass.)

Can’t make it live? Registrants will have access to the recordings for two weeks, but you must sign up before we close registration at 12:45 p.m. ET the day of the event. We do not sell recordings after an event has started.

What We’ll Talk About

During this two-part webinar series, we’ll show you how to make your editorial calendar work for you.

Part I: Creating Your Editorial Calendar [Tuesday, May 14th]

We’ll start with some editorial calendar basics.

  • What is an editorial calendar?
  • How do you set it up?
  • What goes on it?
  • Who is responsible for it?
  • Where do you begin if you’ve never done an editorial calendar before?
  • How can you resurrect an existing editorial calendar that’s just not working?

Learn more.

Part II: Using Your Editorial Calendar Strategically [Thursday, May 16th]

We’ll shift from building the tool itself to discussing editorial planning strategies and workflows that let you get the most out of the tool. We’ll cover:

  • Understanding how the editorial calendar is a central tool in bringing CALM — Collaboration, Agility, Logic, and Methods — to your communications team.
  • Following the Rule of Thirds in editorial planning to embed strategy while maintaining flexibility.
  • Understanding how to maximize content repurposing so both you and your content are as efficient and effective as possible.
  • Considering the power of a story arc to unify your editorial calendar.
  • Using the editorial calendar to smooth out your content creation, review and approval process.

Learn how to build an editorial calendar that works!

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