Mixed Links 2015-12-02 18.39.34Join me for some Mixed Links…

Share your nonprofit communications success story with Big Duck and us in this survey.

Here’s What Your Nonprofit Needs to Know About Facebook’s New Fundraising Tools.

Joan Garry shows you How to Select First Rate Board Members.

Looking to remove the word “very” from your writing? Print out these 128 Words to Use Instead.

What’s more important than great writing when it comes to content creation? Unbounce says “focus” is the Vital Ingredient Missing In Your Content Strategy.

Freshen up your content with these 6 Ways to Revive Your Evergreen Content.

Jeff Brooks points out, “Things dysfunctional organizations do to fix their dysfunctional fundraising are also dysfunctional.”

If you are interested in the giving habits of Gen Xers and millennials, check out this [Infographic] A New Generation of Giving.

Nonprofit Training

July 21: Ask Kivi Anything!

August 15 – September 23rd: Marketing Your Expertise: Becoming a Thought Leader and Media Darling

Be safe and good to each other.


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