I’ve been searching for a new way to give those of you who are interested in my take on your work — in other words, you want some advice, a quick review of something you are working on, or a brainstorming partner — a quick and affordable way to get it. I’ve also heard from many of you who regularly attend my webinars that you’d like to be able to take the next step and talk with me about how to use what you’ve learned in your specific situations.

Here’s what I’ve come up with: The Pass *Plus*

This is like our regular All-Access Pass to the weekly webinar series, but with two important extras. In addition to getting access to all of the live and recorded training, you also get personal coaching in two ways:

1) Access to a monthly coaching call with me and a guest expert. In January, it’s our media relations expert Claire Meyerhoff. Branding and messaging expert Nancy Schwartz will be joining us in 2010 as well. These calls will be much smaller and more informal than our usual trainings, so everyone who wants to will have a chance to talk and get questions answered.

2) Access to my office hours schedule. Each week, I’ll open up a few hours on my schedule for Pass *Plus* Office Hours. The times will vary week to week. You’ll be able to sign up online for 15- or 30-minute appointments, which can be either conference calls or GoToMeetings. I’m not limiting the number of appointments you can make at this time . . . we’ll see how it goes and adjust as needed.

The Pass *Plus* is on sale now through December 31 for just $155 for 90 days or $499 for the whole year. Those prices will go up on January 1 to $220 and $705 respectively. Get your Pass *Plus* today and you’ll save a bunch.

If you are just interested in the training, it’s still a good idea to get your All-Access Pass now. The current 2009 prices of $97 for 90 days and $330 for one year will also be going up to $145 and $465 on January 1.

P.S. Here’s what’s coming up next on the training schedule . . .

January 7 Teleconference: Trends for 2010 and Your Marketing Plan for the New Year

January 12 Teleconference: Nonprofit Marketing: Doing It Yourself Without Doing Yourself In

January 21 Webinar: How to Write a 4-Page Nonprofit Annual Report – A Crash Course Webinar

January 27 Webinar: Integrating Your Website, Email Newsletter, and Social Media Sites

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