Welcome to the August edition of the Nonprofit Blog Carnival! The Carnival is a round-up of posts from people working in the nonprofit sector around a theme, and ours is “what you did this summer.”

Here at Nonprofit Marketing Guide, we spent our summer giving a lot of thought to ways that we can help nonprofit communications professionals better demonstrate and track their own professional development.

We decided to join the trend toward micro-credentialing or online badging, which allows you to learn and earn recognition for that learning in smaller chunks than completing a full-blown certificate or degree program. You can keep and display your earned badges in several different ways. For example, we’ll be recommending accounts at Credly, but you’ll be able to use them elsewhere too.

We’ve developed an assessment scale and will issue badges at three different levels: Knowledge, Proficiency, and Mastery.  We are currently developing the first set around Editorial Planning and hope to unveil it first to our All-Access Pass holders later this fall, and to everyone in December.

We’ll share more soon!

Let’s take a look at what others did this summer . . .

Chris Bailey got introspective in My Vacation To The Lake And Learning To Care Intentionally.

Lori L. Jacobwith talks about the significant shift in how she delivers her work in I’m Calling it 3.0.

Jeremy Koch shares 3 Books he read this summer that all fundraisers should read.

Chad Barger implores us, Don’t Be a Martyr for Your Mission, Max Your Vacation Time.

Bill Young explains Why Our Brains Love the Beach.

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