Here is this week’s Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants, albeit a few days late (my business trip was busier than expected-sorry). It’s all about nonprofit how-to’s this week. Sit back, click around, and learn how to do something new!

Cool People Care explains how to tell your story to generation Y.

Cause-Related Marketing shows how to evaluate your cause-related marketing campaign.

Zen & the Art of Nonprofit Technology details how to find out about free and open-source software.

Perspectives from the Pipeline offers ideas on how to kickstart your nonprofit career in seven days.

Dream Think Act explains how to read people and get your point across.

Wild Apricot provides some tips on how to use the web to provide self-service options to your members.

RB Digital Rodeo tells how to get the most out of all those free white papers offered for download.

Why Just Seven Posts This Week?

I received more entries than I’m publishing here this week, because we try to keep the Carnival to the seven best posts of the week. It makes for a more manageable chunk of information for our devoted readers. Some hosts stray from that rule, but that’s their prerogative. For all of you who submitted posts that weren’t included, please keep participating! Some weeks we are swamped with submissions, other weeks, not so much. And faithful readers, if you feel strongly one way or the other about my attempt to keep the Carnival to seven posts a week, let me know by leaving a comment. I made the rules for this baby, so I can change ’em if I hear that’s what the people want.

Coming Up on Monday . . .

Our next host is Britt Bravo, who will bring you a Carnival of “Have Fun, Do Good” posts on Monday, October 1.

Seeking a Host for T-Day Weekend

The Carnival needs a host for November 26, the Monday after Thanksgiving in U.S. This is a great opportunity for all of you non-U.S. bloggers who have been thinking about hosting to jump in! Let me know if you are interested.

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