Rebecca Leaman (aka Curious Apricot) at the Wild Apricot Blog has posted the latest edition of the Nonprofit Blog Carnival, with a nonprofit technology theme. Here it is. You’ll find not only some good how-to’s on social media, but also some posts that challenge you to really think about how you use technology within your nonprofit to collaborate and communicate with others (e.g. what’s the right mix of online and offline communication?).

The Nonprofit Blog Carnival is supposed to a monthly roundup of some of the best blogging on a particular topic of interest to nonprofits, and Rebecca has created a stellar example!

Next month the Carnival will be hosted by Heather Carpenter at Nonprofit Leadership 601, where the theme will be Nonprofit Leadership and Professional Development.  Watch Heather’s blog for her take on what she’s looking for this month, and I’ll post the link for you once she’s published her edition.

Published On: July 1, 2009|Categories: Nonprofit Blog Carnival, Nonprofit Marketing Trends|

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