Tom Ahern

Tom Ahern

I love Tom Ahern to bits. He’s so smart and so practical, and he tells it like it is, all while still being a nice, supportive guy — which makes him a perfect partner for our Nonprofit Marketing Guide e-clinics on print fundraising for small nonprofits. Tom doesn’t hold back when he sees a nonprofit doing something poorly, but he’s right there with great suggestions on what to do instead.

In August, Tom will teach the fourth round of Direct Mail for Small Nonprofits, which is all about getting your appeal letter into tip top shape. You don’t need 100,000 people on your list to raise real money with your direct mail appeal, and Tom has the small yet extremely successful clients to prove it.  Tom goes over everything with you, from your SMIT — Single Most Important Thing you want the donor to know — to how to format the letter down to fonts and margins. I’ve sat through this e-clinic with Tom three other times and still learn from him each time as he dives into the letters of the participants.

In September, Tom is presenting a new topic — one that is even nearer and dearer to my heart: Donor Newsletters that Raise More Money.  I’m a bit of a nonprofit newsletter snob. I love ’em when they are good, and despise ’em when they are not. Tom is writing a new book on this topic and he’s going to give participants in the e-clinic a first peek at some of the chapters, while coaching you through how to get your newsletter working for you to raise money. Just like with the direct mail e-clinic, you’ll submit your writing to Tom (in this case, your lead article) and you’ll get some great feedback, guaranteed.

Both e-clinics are limited to 24 participants, so reserve your spot sooner than later. If you have our All-Access Pass, you’ll find a $100 discount code on your Dashboard. If you don’t have a Pass, you can like our Facebook Page and click on the heart, where you’ll find a $50 off coupon.

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