"What should I be doing first? What's most important?"

"I don't know if I'm doing the right things. What would YOU do?"

"What needs to be on my radar right now, so I'm not blind-sided later this year?"

I get these questions all the time, and, of course, the answers depend on your particular nonprofit and your situation -- to a point.

The truth is that there are some marketing fundamentals -- those "better" practices -- that just about every nonprofit needs to be paying attention to in order to succeed in 2012.  And while I don't have a crystal ball, I do have a sense for how things are changing in our field, and what those around you might just expect you to tackle in the coming year as your organization's point person for marketing and communications.

During this webinar, I'll give you my list of 10 things you might want to do a little (or a lot) differently in 2012. (Just how big a change each of the ten items will require really does depend on you and your organization. It might be a tweak; it might be an overhaul.)

For example, here's one of the ten items on the list: tagging and segmenting your mailing lists.  Just having the contact information doesn't cut it anymore. You need a way to track the relationship with your cause and their interests.  Tagging and segmenting can be very simple (a few extra fields in your database) to complex (with a complete customer relationship management system or CRM).

I'll also give you a headstart on making those changes by sharing my favorite tips, tools, and resources for each item on the list.

After watching this webinar, you'll feel more confident about where you are leading your nonprofit's marketing in 2012.

This webinar was originally recorded on January 5, 2012. To access the recordings and pdf of the slides, just fill out the form below.