Donors want feedback on what you did with their last gift before they'll give again, and an annual report is one effective way to provide those details on your accomplishments.

During our on-demand e-course, "Writing a Nonprofit Annual Report," you learn the basic steps in creating an annual report, as well as all of the common sections you'll need to write, from the executive message to the donor acknowledgements. We'll discuss the importance of writing about accomplishments rather than activities and how to present financial information so your readers can understand it. We'll also look at some of the little extras that will make your annual report stand out.

What's Included

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  • The E-Book with Reading Assignments. You will receive a copy of our 50+ page e-book, "How to Write a Nonprofit Annual Report." If you decide to follow our recommended four-week schedule, you'll be assigned sections of the book to read each week.
  • A Workbook with Exercises. You will also receive a workbook with exercises that match up with the reading material for the week. You'll see more clearly how to apply the lessons in the book to your own annual report. If you work through all of the exercises in the course, you will have a solid first draft of your annual report at the end of the class.
  • "How to Write a Four-Page Annual Report" - Recorded Webinar. You can watch a one-hour webinar that shows you how to take everything you have learned about annual reports and boil it all down to just four pages.

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  • Instructor Feedback. You can ask any questions you have on the course materials and exercises at any time. Kivi is available via email and phone.
  • On-Demand, Self-Paced Schedule. You can work ahead or take some time off. It's up to you how quickly you work. You will receive a weekly reminder email from us that paces you for a four-week course, but you can work at whatever pace fits your needs.
  • Free Updates. If Kivi publishes an update to the e-book or workbook while your course subscription is active, you'll get the new editions at no extra charge.


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