Don't Stress about Nonprofit Writing

Don't Stress about Your Nonprofit Writing. We Can Help!


Lots of nonprofit writing stinks . . . but it doesn't have to!

Relax . . . You can bring your writing back to life. Here are a few resources to help.

25 Metaphors Nonprofit Can Use to Get Their Message - And the Decrepit Dozen to Avoid (Free E-Book)

Learn how your nonprofit can use metaphors to bring the more technical aspects of your job to life. This e-book includes a simple five-step approach to working with metaphors, including a list of nearly 20 questions you can use to explore a metaphor more fully.

Find more information and download this e-book here.

Nonprofit Writing Prompts (Free)

Sign up for my monthly writing prompts newsletter to receive at least 10 ideas a month that will help you get rid of that writer's block.

Find more information and sign up for the monthly prompts here.

Webinars on Nonprofit Copywriting

Nonprofit Marketing often offers webinars on copywriting for nonprofits, including Creating Better, Faster, More Effective Communication.

Kivi's Articles and Blog Posts on Nonprofit Copywriting


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