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2011 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report

This 22-page report reveals what 780 nonprofits think are the most important (and least important) communications tools for 2011, and much more including

  • How often nonprofits plan to email their typical supporters
  • How often they plan to send direct mail
  • How online marketing tools including social media compare in importance to more traditional and offline tools
  • What excites nonprofit marketers about 2011
  • What scares nonprofit marketers about 2011

Kivi Leroux Miller, president of Nonprofit Marketing Guide, also reveals three approaches to nonprofit marketing that she believes are essential to both manage and capitalize on today's trends.

Here are a few "tweetables" from the study you can copy/paste into Twitter or Facebook:

75% of nonprofits say they'll email supporters at least monthly. Nonprofit Comm Trends Report http://kivilm.com/trends

Facebook comes after only websites and email as important communications tools for nonprofits http://kivilm.com/trends

34% of nonprofits say Twitter is a very or somewhat important tool. Nonprofit Comm Trends Report. http://kivilm.com/trends

Facebook beats Twitter, 79% to 34% as important to nonprofit marketers. Nonprofit Comm Trends Report. http://kivilm.com/trends

What excites nonprofit communicators: new ways to connect w/ supporters, social media & better comm integration. http://kivilm.com/trends

What scares nonprofit communicators: money woes, hard-to-implement comm strategies & lack of staff time. http://kivilm.com/trends

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