Every nonprofit needs a brochure, right? Not necessarily. Creating a generic brochure is usually a waste of resources. Only publish a brochure when you have a specific message for a specific audience that works in a brochure format.

Three Must-Dos for Nonprofit Brochures

1) Write for a specific audience. Forget the generic brochure. Write your brochures (and yes, you may need several different ones) for a specific group of people, answering questions they are likely to have about your issues or organization.

2) Emphasize benefits over features. Don't just describe your programs; explain why and how your programs can help your audience or benefit them in other ways.

3) Include a call to action. Tell the person reading your brochure what to do next. How do they donate? How do they volunteer?

Brochure Design Tips

Don't cram the text into the panels of your brochure. Use a reasonable size font (not less than 10 points) and include lots of white space.

Use lots of headings and subheadings. People skim brochures and your headings will determine whether they actually read the text.

Include photographs or graphics. Tell your story visually. One or two really nice photos can make a world of difference in a brochure, especially on the cover. It's best to use fewer, larger, high-quality photos than lots of small images that are hard to see.

Good Topics for Nonprofit Brochures

What questions do your supporters, members, or clients ask all the time?

These FAQs are good fodder for a brochure, because they meet a specific need of the people who matter to you.

What how-to's can you provide to supporters, members, etc.?

Use a brochure to explain how to do something:

  • How to Include ABC Nonprofit in Your Estate Plans
  • 10 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Volunteering with ABC Nonprofit
  • How to Access Your Membership Benefits Online