Three Top Questions about Email Newsletters

Whether your nonprofit is publishing an email newsletter or not, you aren't alone if you have lots of questions about everything from spam filters to the right length for articles.

To get your e-newsletter right, you not only have to worry about the content and design, but the various technology issues associated with getting it delivered and into in-boxes rather than spam filters.

Here are three common questions and answers about email newsletters.

Quick Tips for Better Nonprofit Email Newsletters


10 Surprisingly Easy and Startlingly Effective Ways to Improve Your Nonprofit E-Newsletter

By Kivi Leroux Miller, Nonprofit Marketing

Use these ten tips to increase the likelihood that your supporters will read your nonprofit email newsletter and act on what they see in it.

1. Know your audience, ask what they want, and deliver it.

Even though your newsletter readers may be incredibly generous individuals, it's helpful to think of them as very self-centered, selfish people when they are reading your email newsletter. Here's why: if the content isn't immediately relevant and valuable to them as individual human beings, they'll delete it in an instant. We know what's in it for you, but what's in it for them?

How the Organizations of America's Most Influential Nonprofit Leaders Are Marketing Their Programs

Nonprofit Times publishes an annual "2011 Power and Influence Top 50" -- the nonprofit executives it says are the sector's top thinkers, innovators, and leaders. We were curious how the organizations these people work for market themselves, so we compiled some links for you. You'll find links to the organization's main web site, annual reports, newsletters, press rooms, and donate pages, when we could find them. The list is now in alphabetical order by organization, instead of in the order Nonprofit Times used.

Need an Email Newsletter Provider?

Using e-newsletter service providers is a great idea as they will handle subscribes, unsubscribes, bounces, etc. rather than those messages appearing in your inbox and you managing your contact list by hand. They also offer great analytical tools to help you measure the effectiveness of your email newsletters. For a review of the different providers…