When you look at all the places you need to put content (website, email, Facebook, etc.) multiplied by the number of times you want to update each of those places, you end up with a lot of content buckets that need filling.

But how much of that should be completely fresh and original content? How much can be repurposed, remixed or reheated?

Half Original, Half Remixed

You'll need to work out the right proportions for your organization given the number of topics you like to cover and how many people are contributing. But if you need a place to start, go with my 50-50 rule.  Shoot for creating original content for half of those buckets. In other words, half the time you are sharing content, make it something new and fresh. The other 50% will be content that is repurposed from older content (or curated content) that you remix or reheat into something that feels new, but really isn't.

It's Not Cheating; It's Media Mogul Genius

To some of you, this might feel like "cheating" in some way. But, trust me, this is how creative professionals work, whether they are painters, musicians, or writers. We are always building off or riffing off of something we did previously – or something someone else did. And as a nonprofit marketer, you are a creative professional!

You are a publisher and a broadcaster -- we all are now. And no media mogul worth her salary creates original content all the time. Instead, moguls use re-runs, syndication, b-roll, and other techniques to reuse and repurpose the content they've created. It not only makes your work life easier, but it's smart from a marketing perspective too!

Message Repetition is Your Friend

You want to repeat your main messages several times, across multiple channels. That's the only way those messages have a chance of actually getting through. Despite your best intentions, and theirs, your supporters don't read everything you put out in its entirety, the first time they see it, and commit it to memory right then. They likely just give it a glance or skim it, which means you need to give them several opportunities to let that message sink in.

Remixing the 50% doesn’t mean you simply copy and paste everywhere, all the time. Your fundamental message stays the same. Your fundamental calls to action are the same. But you’re just slightly remixing the way that you’re framing those things and the way you’re presenting those stories.  This approach allows your thinking on various topics to grow and you can incorporate those new perspectives as you repurpose old content. It allows allows you to incorporate feedback on earlier versions.

But it still demands that you create some new stuff too, so you don't get lazy. Best of all, the 50-50 rule  makes your job more manageable.


This article first appeared in Kivi's Nonprofit Marketing Tips, a free weekly e-newsletter.