Tara Collins and Kivi Leroux Miller

Tara Collins and Kivi Leroux Miller

By Tara Collins, Communications Director, Watershed Agricultural Council

When I started with the Watershed Agricultural Council, I hit the ground running; no one had been in my position for seven months. I felt behind the eight ball, in more ways than one, but especially when it came to social media and networking and how they fit with our marketing strategy, which was virtually nonexistent.

Even with a tight Travel & Training (T&T) budget, I enrolled in the All-Access Pass to get me up top speed FAST on a variety of topics. This training tool has been INVALUABLE to me as Communications Director.

10 Reasons Why You Deserve an All-Access Pass

Here are my David Letterman Top 10 Reasons Why You Deserve an All-Access Pass:

10. The All-Access Pass keeps me up-to-date on what the current trends and tools are within the profession.

9.  The webinars help me stay on track in terms of focus, goals and tactics that support my organization’s mission, not just programmatic outreach efforts.

8.  Participating reminds me that what I do DOES make sense even if the rest of our staff doesn’t understand what I do (and hopefully I will be better able to convey that going forward).

7.  The All-Access Pass is affordable and a necessary expense for me to stay sharp , motivated and engaged by connecting with like-minded professionals. I would pay for it out of my own pocket if my T&T budget dried up. That’s how passionate I feel about how well this tool works for me.

6.  If you haven’t tried a webinar, give it a go. You’ll find Kivi’s style very easy to identify with, and even the cats in the background make it more personal.

5.  You don’t have to go it alone! Kivi often brings in other experts to drive home the details.

4. The Schwag: Kivi also provides links, tools and resources with every webinar. I only wish I had had the First 100 Days eBook when I started!

3.  The All-Access Pass allows you to work around your schedule as you can always listen at your leisure to webinars conducted earlier in the week.

2. Spending one hour a week will bring value to your organization by learning online with the All-Access Pass (without having to leave the office).

1. You won’t always be at your organization, so you OWE IT TO YOURSELF to continuously improve your skills and knowledge!

If you can’t tell, I’m a Nonprofit Marketing Guide devotee!

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