The job of a nonprofit communications and marketing team is evolving fast. I'm often asked what skills a nonprofit marketer needs as a professional, and what skills need to be present on a team as a whole. I've answered it in various ways over the years, but here's what I think now, in mid-2013, especially for teams that are producing lots of content to attract new participants and supporters (my short definition of nonprofit content marketing).

Creative: Writing, Designing, Photography, Video

Simply put, you need people who can create good content. They may need strategic direction about what to do and for what reason, but with that guidance, they can write a great newsletter article or design a fabulous share graphic for Facebook.

Logistical: Editorial Planning and Publishing

You need someone to make sure the trains run on time and you have the right number of them on the right tracks. This person must be well organized, detail oriented, and capable of juggling lots of information and deadlines. You can't implement a strong multi-channel, integrated marketing strategy without someone in this role, making sure that content is planned, produced, and published on time.

Strategic: Listening, Weaving, and Forecasting

You can produce great content, and get it published on time, but that doesn't do you any good if it's not the right content for your organization to share with your community. You need someone who is constantly listening to your community, weaving what they hear both within your organization and outside of it, so that you will know what to create and publish not just now, but tomorrow and next week and next month.