New Challenge Starts November 1, 2015!

Mark your calendar to join us for the 5th edition of #NpCommPix starting November 1.

NPCommPix-January2015Click on the image to the right to get a larger version that you can save or print.

Want to see past participation? Check out the Tumblr with the most recent posts to learn more.

This challenge is for nonprofit folks who touch communications in some way - be it full-time, part-time, REALLY part-time or volunteer-time. We want to see your world. It can be from your personal account or from your organization’s account. It doesn't matter, just snap away.

We love to see how nonprofit professionals make it happen every day -- how you bring your mission to life through the people, technology and tools you interact with every day.

So, we created this month-long challenge to give us all a peek.

Who wants to share?

Join us for #NPCommPix!

See the graphic for the list of challenges for each day.

Please feel free to take and share this image on your own Instagram, Twitter, blogs, and any other social media.

We’ll be posting the photo prompt on Instagram and Twitter each day to keep you inspired (and so you can remember - we’re all crazy busy and it’s easy to forget).

To participate:

1. Share the challenge list image on your Instagram feed if you haven’t already. Get your colleagues playing with you too! Instagram is our home base, but feel free to share on your Twitter, Pinterest, and/or Facebook feeds, or wherever you want. The more the merrier!

2. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter. We’ll be posting each day’s prompt to  our feeds to remind you to take your photo.

 @BCDCIdeas and @KiviLM on Instagram

 @BCDCIdeas and @KiviLM on Twitter

3. Post your response to each day’s prompt on your own Instagram, and anywhere else you like.

4. Be sure to tag every challenge image #NPCommPix – We’ll be reposting our favorites throughout the month!

See What Others Are Posting

To see what others are posting, just search your favorite social networks for #NPCommPix.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I participate?

Super easy. Look at the prompt for the day. If it’s the 5th day of the month, look at prompt 5. Take a picture that is somehow related to the prompt, or use an older one. It can be literal or not. We love metaphors and funny interpretations too! Whatever comes to mind for you is the right picture to take.

Post it to your favorite social media networks with the hashtag #NPCommPix. That’s it!

Of course, we also recommend that you search the hashtag to see what others are posting too, and to like/favorite/comment the ones you like best, but that’s entirely up to you.

Do I need to sign up?

Nope. Just start using the hashtag #NPCommPix when you post your photo to Instagram or Twitter or any other place you are playing.

Where do I post?

We recommend Instagram and Twitter, but you can play anywhere. If you spend a lot of time on Pinterest or Flickr or your own blog, post there too. You can also post to the Nonprofit Marketing Guide Facebook page if you want: Just be sure to use the hashtag #NPCommPix wherever you post.

What if I miss some days?

Play when you can! This is supposed to be fun, not a burden. Catch up if you want, or just skip the days you missed. Entirely up to you.

What do you mean by . . . ?

Nice try, but we aren’t going to interpret the prompts for you! Use whatever comes to mind or whatever seems right at the time.

Who is behind this?

Kivi Leroux Miller of and Dawn Crawford of BC/DC Ideas.

Why are you doing this?

We love our jobs, and want nonprofit communicators to love their jobs too! That means finding the fun in the work, and we hope this challenge is a quick, easy way to do that.

Are you going to do it again next month?

We are on a quarterly schedule for the time being.

What were the prompts from past challenges?

July 2015 npcommpixApril-15-NPCommPix-v1