Rock StarEarlier this month, I shared with you five common problems or gaps I had identified within the field of nonprofit marketing, based on my experiences over the last several months with participants in our Mentoring Program.

Today, I want to share what I've learned from participants about how incredible the people are who are drawn to nonprofit marketing (or who fall into it by accident and stay!).

Nonprofit marketers are incredible multi-taskers.

The conversations I've had with participants in the mentoring program, and with our All-Access Pass Holders too, cover hundreds of different topics. If you are bored in this field, you are doing it wrong! There's so much to consider; so many different options to explore. Last time, I said that too many options create paralysis. But at the same time, nonprofit marketers are getting lots of great work done in lots of different areas, juggling all kinds of responsibilities, and mostly enjoying the challenge.

Nonprofit marketers know the value of managing up.

Nonprofit marketers are often a pretty savvy crew, but that doesn't mean their executive directors or board members really understand what they do. Most nonprofit marketers either know this intuitively, or learn it quickly. Internal marketing, and managing their decisionmakers, is an important part of the job. It doesn't matter how great a campaign you come up with, if you can't get approval to run with it! I've been impressed with how well participants in our programs know this and how they incorporate that into their thinking.

Nonprofit marketers work with real drive and purpose.

It's pretty easy to tell the marketing people who are working for nonprofits because it's just another job, and those who are in it because they believe in their hearts that they can use their talents to make the world a better place. In my experience 95% of nonprofit marketers are in it for the right reasons, and it shows. I love the commitment, excitement, creativity and energy that nonprofit marketers throw into their work. They know the choices they make matter, and the work they do is important. They take their work seriously, and it shows.

Nonprofit marketers are hungry for knowledge.

I just love getting tough, thought-provoking questions -- and I get a lot of them from nonprofit marketers. Perhaps it's the diversity of responsibilities, or the ever-changing landscape of communications tactics available, but I see a real curiosity and hunger for knowledge among nonprofit marketers. It's so refreshing to work in a field where people love learning not only about the hottest new thing, but also about how they can do the old things better.

Nonprofit marketers are generous.

The amount of sharing that goes on in our field is inspiring. I keep thinking that people drawn to nonprofit marketing must share a common history of outstanding pre-school or kindergarten experiences, because they know how to share! I love the honesty and openness with which participants in the Mentoring Program have given each other feedback on all kinds of topics and have helped each other work through various sticky situations.

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