Ready to devote your staff or board retreat to improving your marketing and communications?

I see my role as a retreat leader as part facilitator and part trainer. This is your organization and therefore you need to make the decisions. But I also know that you want my expertise and advice, or you wouldn't be interested in having me attend.

Therefore, the retreats I lead are a combination of directed discussion and exercises, where I do take you in a certain direction with some training, and gently guided discussion, where I take a more neutral position in guiding your conversations so that you can find the right direction for your organization.

Half-day retreats begin at $5,000 and full-day retreats at $7,000, plus travel.

"Your presentation to our board was great! I think that the members are better equipped to be 'evangelists' for Gaston Day. Thank you for your knowledge, discernment, and engaging style. We enjoyed and benefiited from your time with us."
~ Richard Rankin, Head of School, Gaston Day School

Please contact me to discuss your needs.

Possible Retreat Topics

Each organization and group of staff and/or board members is a unique set of people at any given time. That's why I'm always prepared to customize my programs to your needs. Here are few topics to get you thinking . . .

What Nonprofit Marketing Is (and Isn't) and Why You Need to Get Good at It (and Fast!)

Good for boards, staff, or combined retreats

This is a good introduction to the concept of nonprofit marketing and why all staff and board members need to consider themselves members of the marketing team. I can also provide a nonprofit communications "reality check" with up-to-date stats and stories -- and a quick assessment of how your org matches up against best practices -- to provide some urgency for your discussions. I'll help your organization and participants understand how every person, regardless of how shy or "unskilled" they may be, can contribute to marketing the organization, leaving you with a team that understands and supports nonprofit marketing and is ready to contribute.

Telling Your Story

Good for boards, staff, or combined retreats

There's the big-picture story your organization tells supporters over weeks and months, and then there are the specific stories that one person tells another. During this retreat, we'll explore both, by mapping out a couple of the overarching  or thematic stories that you want to share as an organization (e.g., the story of how your programs are reducing the high school dropout rate, or the story of how more open spaces and parks create a healthier community). Then we'll move on to learning how to tell specific, individual stories that bring those  larger stories to life (e.g., how James challenged his little sister to stay in school, or what happened the first time Martha visited the new dog park). Participants will leave empowered to tell good stories themselves, while understanding how these examples contribute to the larger thematic stories.

Mapping Out Your Integrated Communications Calendar

Good for staff retreats, or for combined staff/board communications committee retreats

Not sure how what you communicate via email, the web, social media, print, events, the media, etc. should all come together? Unclear about what content you should be creating and sharing through all of these communications channels? During this retreat, we'll map out your communications and see how everything is connected. Using your current communications strategy or one we create on the fly using the Three G's (Be Genuine, Generous, and Grateful) or Do-Think-Feel, we'll sketch out your communications calendar. Finally, we'll sort of the best ways for you to adjust that calendar as needed to incorporate unforeseen changes and timely opportunities.


"We are so pleased with how you handled the "Let's Talk About Marketing" presentation to the board of the American Horticultural Therapy Association.  Allow me to simply report that you clearly heard our concerns and hopes for the session and you responded effectively, efficiently and exactly on point! The feedback we received was excellent. Our board members enjoyed the presentation; it succeeded in establishing an upbeat, open tone for the balance of the meeting, and I suspect that more than a few eyes were opened to a whole new dimension of marketing possibilities. Now the ball is in my court as we proceed with strategic planning. But I couldn't have asked for a better kick-off. I'm personally enthused and most appreciative. It was a delight to work with you and I hope we'll have the opportunity to engage in another project together sometime."

~ Gerrie Schmidt, AHTA Board

"Everyone agreed that you were a pleasure to work with.  It was fun, but also very productive.  Everyone felt much more comfortable with the information and the prospect of moving forward after the retreat.  And it was a good balance of talk/theory/hands-on activities. We're really excited to keep the process moving now that you've got us pumped.  Thank you so much, and we hope we'll have many further opportunities to work with you. Thank you, Kivi, for so capably leading us through some very fun and thought-provoking exercises and for helping us stretch into this exciting new phase."

~ Kathy and Lisa (on behalf of the Impact Communications team)