Think about it: Successful nonprofit marketing and fundraising is changing . . . and fast. You are now expected to share all kinds of content (stories, how-tos, calls to action, etc.) in multiple communications channels (online, in print and in person). But it's not just about the content -- you are expected to participate in the conversation with your supporters too.

Because the mainstream media is only one of many communications channels now, you -- yes, you -- are actually in control of most of the decisions about what gets published, broadcasted, and shared with your supporters.

You have direct control over how your organization uses a variety of communications channels to reach supporters. Sounds like a media mogul to me!

Three Tips for Nonprofit Media Moguls

1. Get Your Content Creation Process Organized

Nonprofit media moguls need to pay attention to both the big picture and the details. It's much easier to see both perspectives when you have a real process in place for how content is created and curated within your organization, and how it is distributed through your various communications channels.

What goes out via email, and how is that repurposed to Facebook? What channels are you going to use online to promote your in-person event? How are you encouraging your supporters to discuss the content you produce, and how are you taking what you learn in that conversation and using it to create new content?

Don't leave this all to chance or make it up willy nilly. While your process should be flexible to account for lots of last-minute changes, you do need a process. An editorial calendar is one part of that process, but you also need to figure out who does what, and who ultimately decides what goes out and when.

2. Keep It Interesting

Nonprofit media moguls need to produce a lot of content, distributed through multiple communications channels, to keep their supporters engaged. This workload can be overwhelming, and it can also lead to a fierce case of writer's block.

How do you keep it interesting? It's easier than you might think: Instead of looking inward all the time, look outside of your organization for inspiration. Simply by paying attention to the calendar, news headlines, and what your fans and followers are talking about in social media, you can create a tremendous amount of timely, interesting content your supporters will love.

I also try to help with my Nonprofit Monthly Writing Prompts -- an email full of ideas (sign up now).

3. Repeat Yourself

No media mogul worth her salary creates original content all the time. Instead, moguls use re-runs, syndication, b-roll, and other techniques to reuse and repurpose the content they've created. It not only makes your work life easier, but it's smart from a marketing perspective too!

You want to repeat your main messages several times, across multiple channels. That's the only way those messages have a chance of actually getting through. After all, you really don't think your supporters read everything you put out in its entirety, the first time they see it, and commit it to memory right then, do you? Repeating the message is essential. Sure, mix up the way you share that message, but keep the core message consistent.

With a content creation process in place, full of rich, interesting ideas, you'll have plenty of great content to repurpose.

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This article first appeared in the May 12, 2011 edition of Nonprofit Marketing Tips, our weekly e-newsletter.