Kivi Leroux Miller teaches a "Blogging for Nonprofits" workshop as part of Duke University's certificate program in nonprofit management. You'll find information on these topics in the course notes.

Blogging Basics

  • What is a Blog?
  • Blogging Lingo
  • How Blogs are Different from Other Online Tools
  • How Nonprofits Can Use Blogs
  • When NOT to Blog
  • Your Blogging Questions

The Five W's and H of Blogging

  • How: Setting Up Your Practice Blog
  • Why: How Can a Blog Work for You?
  • Who: Who Writes and Reads the Blog?
  • What: Writing Good Blog Content
  • When: Fitting Blogging In
  • Where: Blogging Platforms

More Resources on Nonprofit Blogging

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Should Your Nonprofit Launch a Blog? by Nancy Schwartz

Launch Your Nonprofit Blog with a Bang by Michele Martin