Land trusts can use blogs to cultivate relationships with land owners, donors, volunteers, advocates, and other supporters. Take a look at how some land trusts are using blogs.

Barrington Land Conservation Trust

The Barrington Land Conservation Trust is preserving the remaining natural resources of the Town of Barrington, Rhode Island, and adjacent areas.

The following land trusts are using blogs as their main websites -- either by using blogging software as a content management system to mimic a more traditional website format or simply using a blog with news updates in place of a traditional website.

North Olympic Land Trust

North Olympic Land Trust protects special qualities of the North Olympic Peninsula in Clallam County, Washington, just outside the internationally treasured Olympic National Park.

Central Arizona Land Trust

The Central Arizona Land Trust seeks to preserve ranchlands, open space, and the scenic and wildlife values of central Arizona in partnership with landowners who wish to protect their land in perpetuity.

Hinesburg Land Trust

The Hinesburg Land Trust is a non-profit, all volunteer community organization, founded by local citizens interested in land planning and conservation issues.

L.M. Montgomery Land Trust

The L.M. Montgomery Land Trust works to preserve the scenic agricultural coastal lands on Prince Edward Island's north shore.