I’m so excited that Wiley & Sons has finally agreed to do a revised edition of my first book, The Nonprofit Marketing Guide! It’s 11 years old and definitely ready for a refresh!

I would love to include as many of our nonprofit friends as possible in the new book. This is the one that’s used at many colleges and universities, so here’s your chance to help influence a new generation of nonprofit communications pros!

Please share a story with me by next Friday, July 17!

Here’s what I need . . .

I am most interested in stories that . . .

  • explain the approach you took to a communications challenge, or
  • how you learned something important through testing or trial and error or sheer luck, or
  • how you made a decision between multiple options and how it turned out.

In terms of topics, I am especially in need of stories that illustrate . . .

  • Why targeting specific audiences is good (rather than the “general public”)
  • The value of listening to and understanding your communities
  • The difference between messaging that educates and messaging that motivates action
  • How to decide which communications channels to use for an audience or message
  • The value of using a particular communications channel in a certain way
  • The benefits of using an editorial calendar or planning in general
  • How to get others in your nonprofit to value professional communications/marketing

But I will take any story that you think is relevant to someone new to nonprofit marketing, communications, and fundraising, because I might be able to find a place for it.

Share your stories with me here, and thank you!

Published On: July 7, 2020|Categories: Nonprofit Communications|

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