Nonprofit Marketing AcceleratorsI hear comments like these all the time — and these are real comments from our recent survey . . .

  • I spend too much time doing things that aren’t important and don’t have time left for what really matters.
  • My “do this eventually” list is growing and out of control.
  • I am overwhelmed and juggling too many priorities.

Sound familiar?

Don’t you wish you could just make a decision, do the work, and deliver the goods to your community?  And in a matter of weeks, not months?

I think you can, and I want to help you make it happen.

That’s why I’ve created a new kind of training and coaching hybrid program for you.

We are calling it an “Accelerator” because we want to help you speed up the process  of what typically takes a nonprofit 3-4 months to just SIX WEEKS.

Sharing Your ProgressWe’ll do four Accelerators per year, focusing on different types of communications each time. We are starting with the  “progress reporting” communications that are on everyone’s to-do list at year end — annual reports, thank you videos, and dashboards.

Here’s how it works:

We are giving you a MASSIVE head start with templates and models based on best practices.

Then we give you the plan with the steps to follow, and build in accountability, to push and pull you and your organization through the process in just six weeks.

And we coach you and your team through any rough patches, making sure you don’t fall off track.

This isn’t “sit back and listen” training.

Week by week, you’ll make real progress on real work that you decide to take on as your project for the Accelerator.

How much you try to complete is up to you . . . Regardless of what you take on, we’ll provide templates and models for you to customize with our step-by-step guidelines and coaching. 

Join us for the first “Sharing Your Progress” Accelerator that starts October 5, and you’ll have your annual report, video, and/or dashboard done (or darn close) by mid-November.


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