My First Peek at the Book

I’ve sometimes compared writing my first book, The Nonprofit Marketing Guide,  to having a baby, and the metaphor held true today. Just like our second-born daughter, the book arrived more than a week before it was expected! I was told to expect my copies late next week at the earliest, and Amazon has been using June 9 as its shipping date.

Well, my books arrived this morning, and Amazon now says it’s shipping within the next day or two. So if you pre-ordered your book, you’ll get it very soon.

Just like when Jianna decided to arrive early, I’ll be spending the next day or so reworking my plans. I thought I’d be marketing the book for the next three weeks as a pre-order, and had designed a major campaign around that.  The “book buyers only” section of the website isn’t online yet.  Good marketing people can think fast, and adjust to what’s happening in real time, so that’s what I’m doing too!

I’ll start by sharing the first video review of the book with you from Danielle Brigida of the National Wildlife Federation. Danielle reviewed a draft of the book and provided one of the “praise” quotes you’ll find on the first page.

Danielle Brigida Reviews “The Nonprofit Marketing Guide” from Kivi Leroux Miller on Vimeo.

I’ll be sharing lots more about free training I’m offering, book giveaways, book clubs and more soon. Stay tuned!

Published On: May 19, 2010|Categories: Nonprofit Content Marketing|

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