How many channels do you need to provide content for?

Email? Facebook? Instagram? Twitter? Website? Blog? Newsletter? YouTube? All of the above and more?

It’s a lot. And if you are working under the illusion that everything you create has to be 100% original content, you are going to get overwhelmed VERY quickly.

All people who produce content for a living, whether they are writers, musicians, artists, or nonprofit communicators  repurpose their content. No one produces completely original content all the time.

Repurposing is an essential part of a manageable communications plan, because it allows you to get more mileage out of your writing, while reinforcing your key messages with your readers.

It’s how the smallest of communications teams (like Kivi and I) can produce a ton of great content. And when this essential content strategy is done well, you hardly notice. You only see amazing results. More opens, more clicks, more support, more action, more engagement, more great content . . . with LESS work for you.

See Kivi’s Five Rules for Repurposing Your Content

Here are a few ways you can easily repurpose your existing content:

  • Make short pieces longer or long pieces shorter.
  • Change the lead or the perspective.
  • Use a different channel.
  • Group several like items together into a new piece with a theme.
  • Integrate the comments made on the first post.
  • Add your opinion.
  • Change the format.

Want to learn more about repurposing? We have a 60-minute webinar on it in our Free Members Webinar Archive. All you have to do is get a Free Membership to our Learning Center.

Watch this free recorded webinar to learn:

  • Savvy ways to reuse content without it looking like you are just copying and pasting all the time
  • When to revamp the content itself and when to just drop the same content into a different place
  • How to design a content creation process with repurposing built right in so you are as efficient as possible
  • When to schedule repurposed content into your editorial calendar
  • Which communications channels are best for repurposed content
  • How to upcycle old content from years ago into fresh, timely content for today
  • Writing and design tips that make repurposing content even faster
  • How to create templates you can give program staff and guest writers to ensure what they submit is easy for you to repurpose

You’ll find The Communications Directors’ Guide to Repurposing Content in the webinar archives of our Learning Center. Membership required.

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