Whether you are just starting your nonprofit communications journey or have been at this a while, we have a plan for you.

Just take a quick 2-question quiz and you will be given a training plan based on your level of expertise.

Take the Quiz and Get Started

For example, at the Beginner level, we recommend that you focus skills and actions like:

  • “Quick and dirty” marketing plans
  • Getting away from marketing to everyone or the general public
  • Using clear and specific calls to action

Intermediate levels, we recommend things like:

  • The Big Picture Communications Timeline, an editorial calendar, and making time to think strategically and to adjust plans as needed
  • Prioritizing your target audiences, building your lists, and segmenting your email list
  • Creating a messaging platform and a “marketing bank” for other staff to use

And at the Advanced level, we recommend you focus on things like:

  • Fully integrating your communications planning with organizational goals, including crisis communications planning
  • Sharing highly relevant and on-brand original and curated content on your core topics
  • Leading communications planning and setting expectations around boundaries and deadlines

(Your full plan will have even more actionable steps. Take the quiz to get started.)

Then we lay out when it’s time to learn about a certain skill, when it’s time to implement it and finally when you can innovate and experiment with that skill.

We also have resources like books, courses, and worksheets specific for your level in our Learning Center.

Get the plan that’s right for you now.

Published On: May 5, 2021|Categories: Nonprofit Training, Professional Development|

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