I am often asked by both communications directors and other consultants about what we do in our Communications Director Mentoring Program. How is it different from our training webinars, for example?

While we do follow a set schedule of topics as part of the Mentoring Program, the majority of the time is spent on questions and issues raised by the participants themselves. They help each other, and I help too, on both private and group calls.

Here’s an example of the topics covered in one group call and in seven private calls with individuals that I did just this week:

  • Adding new target audiences to your list of responsibilities (the inspiration for yesterday’s blog post)
  • How to bring others in your organization into your communications strategic planning
  • Whether to hire a consultant or not to manage your Google Ad Grant
  • What to measure and what to put on a dashboard for your board
  • How to define and group target audiences and how that relates to personas, who is on your mailing lists, and donor behaviors
  • How to think about branding and sub-brands when you are adding a major new program
  • How to manage conflicting comments from executives
  • What to do when two key pieces of software aren’t working together (looking at you, Salesforce and MailChimp)
  • How to set up a workflow and editorial calendar for new e-newsletters
  • How to make a SWOT exercise at a board retreat more helpful to the communications staff
  • How to make a brand and style training for staff more engaging

And that’s just this week! The work that nonprofit communications directors do is varied and complicated. There’s a lot more to it than just posting content online.

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Published On: August 15, 2019|Categories: Nonprofit Training, Professional Development|

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