I sent an email about buying my new book out to my email list this morning and in the four hours since then, my Amazon ranking went up 36,645%!

Thanks to everyone who has purchased a copy today!

The Nonprofit Marketing Guide is currently #312 overall on Amazon, and #1 in nonprofit books and #2 in marketing books. (Would love to knock off The Tipping Point if only for an hour!)

What’s all the fuss about today? Well, I kicked off my month-long virtual book tour, with my first stop at Getting Attention.org where I answered the common nonprofit marketing question, “Where do I begin?”

When you buy the book TODAY (Tuesday, June 1) before midnight, and forward your receipt to me at book@nonprofitmarketingguide.com, you’ll be entered to win an Annual All-Access Pass to our webinar series (yep, free webinars for a year) or a tagline review by “Queen of All Things Nonprofit Tagline” Nancy Schwartz.

Here’s a video tour of the virtual book tour so you can see what good stuff is coming up this month:

Day 1 of Kivi’s Virtual Book Tour for the Nonprofit Marketing Guide from Kivi Leroux Miller on Vimeo.

P.S. Getting the book today would be FANTASTIC, but if you end up doing it later in the week, go ahead and send us your receipt anyway. We’ll do another prize drawing on Friday (but not for the Annual Pass – that’s today only!) We’ve included Amazon partner links for you here, but you can buy the book anywhere you want and still participate in the drawings and other fun book tour stuff.

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