According to our research, 75% of nonprofit communications teams are organized in one of four ways, based on how the workload for the team is created. We’ve labeled these teams:

  1. Integrated
  2. Centralized
  3. Internal Agency
  4. CEO-Led

Next week, Kivi is leading a BRAND NEW webinar that will break down each of these four types and help you determine which one if right for your nonprofit.

And even better – this webinar is one of our budget-friendly webinars which means registration is only $20!

Join us for:

The Four Types of Nonprofit Communications Teams:
Making the Best Choice for Your Nonprofit


Thursday, March 16, 2017
1:00 p.m. Eastern (10:00 a.m. Pacific)

Registration is only $20!

Recording available if you can’t attend live, but you must register before the webinar begins.

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How the communications strategy is developed, and how the workload is created and managed day to day, is very different in each model.

That has major implications for the effectiveness of your communications work, depending on your goals.

Using data from more than 1,100 nonprofits, during this 60-minute budget-friendly webinar, we’ll explore:

  • The strengths and weaknesses of each model.
  • Which is most effective overall?
  • Which is best for fundraising?
  • Which produces the most job satisfaction for staff?
  • Should your team structure change as your organization grows?

And we’ll have time to answer your questions.

Registration for this event is ONLY $20

We know you don’t always have the budget for training. That’s why every few months we are offering a deeply discounted webinar.

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