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Can you explain how your nonprofit left a print on the world in 2012 - in six words?

I know many of you are busy bees trying to get your 2012 annual reports together. (If you feel like you need some guidance, I’m teaching my annual reports webinar at CharityHowTo on February 13, 2013).

To help you focus on what’s really most important about last year, I recommend that you come up with a six-word annual report. Or if you prefer, a tweetable one (under 140 characters).

I know I get on a soapbox about making your annual reports short and readable, but no, I am not actually recommending that you tweet your annual report and nothing else. But it’s a really good exercise.

I asked for your six-word annual reports back in 2011 and here’s a sampling of some of my favorites:

  • Families supported, communities mobilized. Prevention works.
  • Profits and peace on the rise.
  • Asked. Received. Improved mental health realized.
  • More people self managing their arthritis!
  • Mr. Yuk, still vigilant, kids safe
  • Business great, funding not so much
  • Told Sacramento: Housing Matters! Sacramento listened.
  • Jackrabbit bounded, I smiled, coyote watched.
  • Largest fundraiser, improved outreach, 7,000 served.

Remember, this isn’t supposed to be a tagline, but rather a summary of what happened last year.

What would your 6-word annual report for 2012 be? Share in the comments. 

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