CALMNotBUSYLooking for more CALM not BUSY in your work day, but not sure where to begin?

It might help to think about it in terms of the more familiar Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How. 

C is for Collaborative — It’s the WHO.

Are your working relationships with people either internally or externally overwhelming you? Brainstorm some ways to be more collaborative, while also being more productive. What’s the best use of everyone’s time? Should you be talking more often, but in shorter meetings? Or earlier in the work process (ie earlier planning?)

A is for Agile — It’s the WHEN and WHERE.

Feeling stuck? It may be that the WHAT — the work you are doing — doesn’t mesh well with where you are doing it or when you are doing it. Is it time to change up the communications channels in your mix, or to try a different communications frequency in your editorial calendar? Should you be working faster or slower for better results?

L is for Logical — It’s the WHAT and WHY. 

Do feel like you are working super hard, but not seeing results? You might need to revisit the work product you are creating. What is its real purpose? Re-examine the reasons behind the work you are creating. You should be able to describe the logical progression of your communications tactics to your larger marketing, fundraising and/or programmatic goals.

M is for Methodical — It’s the HOW. 

Always making things up as you go? Does everything take much longer than you think it should? Odds are you don’t have good methods in place for managing your communications. While each person and organization will have their own quirks, there are some basic methods in this work that are universal, including tools like editorial calendars and work flow processes like repurposing and curating content.

Which letter will you start with?


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