If your nonprofit is still doing an e-newsletter over here and doing social media over there, as if they were two people who only occasionally glance at each other from across the room, you have some matchmaking to do.

It’s time to marry your e-newsletter and social media strategies.

Think about it: for most nonprofits, email and social media are the two primary channels through which you regularly update your community of program participants, supporters, and other important influencers. It makes zero sense to manage them separately.

It’s time to integrate your strategies and bring it all together.

That’s what we’ll help you do with our next Nonprofit Marketing Accelerator which starts May 2.

During this special six-week crash course we’ll help you . . .

  • Clarify the WHY and the WHAT of your e-newsletter and social media.
  • Decide WHO your e-newsletter and social media are really for, and HOW OFTEN you should send and post.
  • Integrate and sync up your email and social media lists.
  • Learn how to create better content faster and share it wisely.
  • Master the art and science of writing short.
  • Put it all into practice and celebrate your success!

Best of all, you can participate in the Accelerator as a team. Your registration includes three people from your staff.

Intrigued? Ready to bring your email newsletter and social media together for good? Check out the Nonprofit Marketing Accelerator and join us!





Published On: April 13, 2016|Categories: Nonprofit Training, Webinars and Online Courses|

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