We’ve rebooted the CALM not BUSY Book Club this week, and I would love for more people to join us!

Instead of treating the book club like a traditional reading club, we are focusing on how you apply #CALMnotBUSY in the real world.

Each week, I’m posting a challenging scenario based on real stories from communications directors.

Here’s this week’s challenge:

CHALLENGE #1: Friction around Storytelling

Jane knows that storytelling is a great communications and fundraising best practice and as the communications director, she wants to include more stories in all of her nonprofit’s communications. But the case managers who work with clients directly refuse to share any details, citing privacy concerns. While the case managers haven’t said it out loud, Jane also believes that they feel storytelling about clients is exploitative. Jane is frustrated because she sees other nonprofits using storytelling successfully and feels like her ability to do a good job is being weakened by the lack of cooperation from the case managers.

What’s your advice to Jane? In what ways could being more CALM (Collaborative, Agile, Logical and/or Methodical) help?

There’s already a great conversation taking place, and we’d love for you to add your experiences and advice too.

Request to join the Facebook Group here.  We do ask that you own the book or otherwise have access to it (e.g. via a shared office copy). It’s important that we all share the #CALMnotBUSY model as a foundation in the discussions. Here’s the Amazon link if you’d like to get your own copy. 




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