On May 16th, we’ll present  Video Trends for Nonprofits in 2024. During this webinar we’ll share the state of video in 2024, video fundamentals, how to find your niche, and the big trends we’re seeing. Registrants will also get a handy dandy video resource guide with tech suggestions and recommendations, more tips on editing and creating videos, and links to tutorials so you can quickly produce successful videos. We’ll also talk about the types of video nonprofits should be producing.

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Here is the type of video content nonprofits are producing now according to our 2023 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report.

Graph showing the video content nonprofits post the most. Storytelling leads the way followed by direct to camera, interviews or Q&A, calls to action, show-and-tells, behind the scenes, how tos, and memes/social media challenges

These are our 10 favorites:

  1. Explainers (Your Mission)
  2. How Tos
  3. Behind the Scenes
  4. Donate Now
  5. Get Involved
  6. Testimonials
  7. Thank You Videos
  8. Annual Report or Impact Videos
  9. Internal Comms
  10. Thought Leadership

Here are some examples for inspiration:

Explainers (Your Mission)

  • This is storytelling, not mission regurgitation.
  • The problem, your solution, the hows and whys, the invitation
  • The process/steps you go through to reach a destination
  • Break it down into simple language – no wonky jargon!

How Tos

  • Give good advice or simplify a process
  • Share a personal experience that illustrates a solution for others
  • Provide a list or steps
  • Do a demo

Behind the Scenes

  • Day in the Life
  • Creative Processes
  • Teamwork/Friendships in the office
  • Learning New Skills
@catskillanimalsanctuary We wanted to take you behind-the-scenes on what it’s like to work for an organization like Catskill Animal Sanctuary! Here’s a little glimpse into a typical day for Camryn, our Digital Marketing & Communications Associate 🥰 #dreamjob #dayinthelife #animalsanctuary #friendsnotfood #hudsonvalleyny ♬ Hey Lover – The Daughters Of Eve

Donate Now

  • Help them see the need
  • Focus on the change that will take place / who will benefit
  • Ask very clearly!

Get Involved

  • Show what they can do to help
  • Show what helping will look like for them
  • Share Calls to action
  • Ask for volunteers


  • In their own words…
  • Introduce person, situation, and goals
  • How they overcome with help from nonprofit
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Thank You Videos

  • Because of you, we were able to…
  • Include client or volunteer voices when possible
  • Show what you will do with their donation

Annual Report or Impact Videos

  • Create a video highlighting the year’s accomplishments instead of a long report
  • Stories or pictures of the real people you serve

Internal Comms

  • Substitute this for the emails no one reads
  • Great for leadership!

While the video isn’t available anymore, here is how Touchstone Health Services used video for internal communications.

Thought Leadership

  • Think TED Talk Style
  • Conference Recordings
  • Can also be more casual “op-ed” style videos
@power.to.her #stitch with @shaavir6 THE NERVE #desitiktok #feminist #desifeminist #feministiktok #desiboys ♬ original sound – Power To Her

What types of video content does your nonprofit produce?

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