The Pass is one thing I ask for every year around budget time. It’s an invaluable resource.

Mary Beth Johnson, Writer/Editor, JAARS, Inc. and All-Access Pass Holder

The All-Access Pass feels like my lifeline to new resources and expertise and support and colleagues I can’t find anywhere else, which is so vital to our little two-person team. I can’t imagine doing our work without it!

Jane Austin, Marketing Director at AchieveMpls and All-Access Pass Holder

I love how generous the Nonprofit Marketing Guide is with sharing their knowledge. The content is always to the point, relevant and practical. After reading an article or taking one of the webinars included with the All-Access Pass, I feel like I could apply all or part of what I have learned immediately after. And the sanity check from having a community that is working through the same challenges is nice.

Rachel Braver, Communications Coordinator at Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano and All-Access Pass Holder

You know how it is when you buy a gym membership and you swear that this time you’ll go every day, but then reality hits and you never go? Well, for me, being a part of the mentorship program was like going to the gym, but having paid the extra bit to have that personal coach so I would go.

Being a part of the Mentoring Program channeled my attention on the content in a way that just buying the book couldn’t. That extra accountability helped me move along in the process and dig deeper.

The group sessions reminded me that I wasn’t alone in this struggle and the challenges I had were actually universal. The feedback I got from the group helped me feel more confident in my abilities.
For all these reasons, I am grateful.

Elisabeth Bocklet, Marketing and Communications Director, United Way of Asheville and Buncombe County and Communications Director Mentoring Program graduate

I’m no stranger to professional development tools. I try my best to stay in touch with the latest and greatest, but often I come away from webinars, blogs and articles about best practices feeling like I wasn’t doing enough. This program helped me determine what “best practices” are truly best for our organization. Every nonprofit is different, and instead of feeling like I was always behind after watching a new webinar, I came away feeling like I know what my organization needs to do to be successful in communications.

Aubrey Brennan, Marketing & Communications Manager, Green Bay Botanical Garden and Communications Director Mentoring Program graduate

I’ve been a Pass Holder a long time, a REALLY long time and I’m still learning from the webinars and Facebook Group exchanges. I look to Kivi, Kristina and the host of experts they pull together to help me navigate “The Noise.” My All-Access Pass has been — BY FAR — the most valuable professional tool I’ve purchased in the last 10 years. I value it so much that if my boss won’t pay for it, I pay for it myself. But my real value clincher comes from the community of professionals who make up our All-Access Pass community – they make the Pass totally worth it too!

Tara Collins, former communications director and current consultant and All-Access Pass Holder

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