The Nonprofit Communications Trends Report

The 2024 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report Is Now Available!

What’s Inside:

  • New data on how nonprofits are using and responding to AI

  • How nonprofits think the 2024 election will affect their communications

  • The nonprofit response to the changes at Twitter (now X)

  • New data on the types of social media content nonprofits post most often

  • New data on changes made to brand and style guides, websites, and email newsletter templates

  • New data on the four most common brand archetypes used by nonprofits and how nonprofits embody those archetypes on social media

  • New data on how nonprofits communications staff manages the marcomm budget

  • New data on internal communications responsibilities 

  • A new section comparing Canada data to the rest of the world

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The 2024 Report is now available.

The data in the 2024 Report is based on an online survey completed by 533 participants.

Previous Reports

You can find all of the reports back to 2015 in our Free Learning Center. Become a Nonprofit Marketing Guide Member to access these reports and other free resources!

Where to Find What Data

In the 2023 Report:

  • New data on how nonprofit communications programs respond to crises
  • Why nonprofits use social media and how they use video
  • Updated data on email list management and other email best practices
  • New data on how well your tech platforms integrate
  • Updated data on teams size and growth as well as salaries and how to plan for future growth

In the 2022 Report:

  • How nonprofit communicators are implementing DEI policies
  • New data on communications team sizes and how teams grow
  • New data on strategic use of communications
  • Updated data on how often nonprofits use 15 different communications channels
  • New data on how nonprofit communicators can build healthier habits around time and productivity

In the 2021 Report:

  • Impact of the pandemic on nonprofit communicators
  • New data on managing time and boundaries
  • Relative importance of various communications channels
  • Adoption of various email, social media, and messaging best practices.
  • Updated data on communications team salaries.

In the 2020 Report:

  • New data on nonprofit communications objectives
  • New data on how nonprofits manage their email lists
  • New data on how nonprofits are engaging supporters on social media
  • Updated data on effective communications team models
  • The types of skills nonprofit communicators want to develop

In the 2019 Report:

  • New data on priority level, experience and effectiveness for 12 marketing strategies
  • Updated data on communications teams sizes, structures, and budgets
  • Updated communications team salaries, including regional differences
  • New data on writing skills, annual report formats, and the use of video
  • New data on organizational culture around communications work

In the 2018 Report:

  • Effectiveness on 12 specific communications goals
  • How much content teams typically create
  • How staff rate their levels of expertise on a dozen communications skills
  • The types of training communications staff get and who pays for it
  • Demographic data for nonprofit communications staff

In the 2015 Report:

  • The points of conflict in nonprofit communications
  • Portrait of a typical nonprofit communications director

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