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On the Calendar

7/1: Canada Day. For our friends to the North, this is a day to celebrate Canadian heritage and pride.

7/1: International Joke Day. Make fun of yourself a little. Have a funniest joke contest. Share your best “Dad” jokes or if you deal with kids, then have them share their favorite jokes.

7/4: Independence Day (U.S.). What do you want your readers to declare their independence from? Or share your favorite summer recipes.

7/7: Tell the Truth Day. Create social media posts with truths about your cause that supporters can use on their networks or counter any lies your detractors are spreading.

7/13: Embrace Your Geekness Day. Perfect for those orgs who deal with training or other “geeky” causes. “How to” posts would also work here.

7/17: World Emoji Day. Can you communicate your mission or other aspects of your organization just using emojis? Great idea for social media.

7/18: Nelson Mandela International Day. How can the legacy of Nelson Mandela inspire your supporters to take action?

7/21: National Junk Food Day. Do an expose on all those so-bad-but-so-good treats your staff has squirreled away in their desks. Or if you deal with nutrition issues, share healthy alternatives.

7/30: International Day of Friendship. Highlight “friends” of your mission even if they are other nonprofits.

Other important dates in July:

  • American Zoo Day (1st)
  • National Workaholics Day (5th)
  • Hijri New Year (8th)
  • World Population Day (11th)
  • Parent’s Day (28th)

It’s also:

  • Parks and Recreation Month
  • National Picnic Month National
  • Cell Phone Courtesy Month
  • National Ice Cream Month
  • National Lost Pet Prevention Month
  • National Make A Difference to Children Month
  • National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month
  • UV Safety Awareness Month

Metaphor of the Month

This month’s metaphor is Cooking, Food, and Beverages. Think about recipes, foodies, cookbooks, grills, ingredients, barbeques, shopping lists, bar tabs, chefs, chopping block, culinary school, juice, winemaking, baking, mixed drinks, burning, boiling, beer, raw, mocktails, utensils, fruits, meats, vegetables.

How can you relate these things to your organization?

Pop Culture, Events, and News

Fireworks celebrations will be held around the United Stated for July 4th celebrations.

Summer travel will continue to heat up.

Wimbledon runs the 1st through the 14th.

Shark Week on the Discovery Channel starts the 7th with host John Cena.

The 2024 ESPY Awards will be presented on the 11th.

The Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards 2024 are on the 13th.

Major League Baseball’s All-Star game is July 16th in Arlington, TX with the annual Home Run Derby being held the day before.

The Tour de France ends the 21st.

The Summer Olympics opening ceremony is on the 26th in Paris.

In movie news, Despicable Me 4, MaXXXine, Fly Me to the Moon, Longlegs, Touch, Twisters, and Deadpool & Wolverine will be released in July.

Streaming movies coming out include Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F, Space Cadet, The Imaginary, Skywalkers: A Love Story, Tyler Perry’s Divorce in the Black, Descendants: The Rise of Red, My Spy The Eternal City, and Find Me Falling.

TV Premieres include Hard Knocks: Offseason With the New York Giants, The Man With 1000 Kids, All American: Homecoming, The Bachelorette, Claim to Fame, Million Dollar Listing, Sunny, Impractical Jokers, Mastermind: To Think Like a Killer, The Real Housewives of Orange County, Sausage Party: Foodtopia, Vikings: Valhalla, Exploding Kittens, Me, The Serpent Queen, Mammals, The Black Widower: The Six Wives of Thomas Randolph, Homicide: Los Angeles, The Ark, Big Brother, Cobra Kai, How I Caught My Killer, Those About to Die, Lady in the Lake, Snowpiercer, Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, Time Bandits, The Decameron, Futurama, and Unsolved Mysteries.

Also Hallmark will be doing a “Christmas in July” schedule.

Source of the Month

AI. Ask ChaptGPT (or whatever you use for generative AI) for writing ideas based on your mission.

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