Invite Kivi to Speak

Kivi Leroux Miller is a well-known and well-loved speaker with nearly 20 years of experience on nonprofit conference stages and in more intimate workshop settings. She’s also very comfortable presenting online.

Conference organizers often report that attendees are willing to travel from many states away to see Kivi present because of her depth of experience and knowledge, down-to-earth and direct advice, and personable, engaging style.

Since 2008 when she began presenting keynotes at major national conferences in the nonprofit sector, Kivi has received rave reviews from conference participants and organizers alike. 

How Participants Feel About Learning from Kivi

“Kivi’s session was fantastic. The room was overflowing, so I ended up moving to another session. But I ended up going back to Kivi’s session, and wish I’d stayed the whole time! She needs to be in a bigger room.”

Participant at the Create Good Conference

“My favorite session of the conference! Funny, enlightening, honest and refreshing!”

Participant at the National Bridge Conference

“Kivi was our keynote and conference leader at the WNC Chapter of AFP’s annual training conference. The feedback we received was unanimous. Kivi doesn’t just make a presentation. She gives clear, straightforward, practical, achievable advice from one professional to another. She is the best in the business at interweaving marketing and fundraising. She is down to earth and approachable, does not overmarket herself, and is completely delightful and entertaining.

Organizer of the AFP Training Conference, Western North Carolina

“I LOVED this workshop! Kivi was very knowledgeable and organized. She had a lot of enthusiasm. Great presentation!”

Participant in the NC Statewide Food Council Gathering,

“This was probably the best webinar I’ve ever attended. Kivi was excellent, as always. A terrific session.”

Participant in a webinar for Bloomerang

“Kivi was amazing. Very detailed, thorough, deep nuggets of information for both intro-level and experienced professionals.”

Participant at the Create Good Conference

“I loved her personality! She got straight to the point and I liked all the examples she provided. I feel like I was getting advice I would get from a psychologist or something. This session really helped me rethink how I work.

Participant at the Create Good Conference

Presentation Formats

  • Conference keynotes and high-level panels (in person or via Zoom)

  • Interactive workshops with group and individual exercises (in person or via Zoom)

  • Webinar trainings with Q & A sessions (via Zoom, GotoWebinar, or your provider of choice)

  • Board and staff retreats (in person or via Zoom)

Presentation Topics

Kivi has developed scores of different presentations, allowing her to customize the following general topic areas to your needs, depending on the expected participants, amount of time available, interest in exercises, etc.   

  • Nonprofit Marketing and Communications Trends. Understanding current best practices, how nonprofit marketing is changing, as well as specific tactical trends such as how email marketing and social media are changing.

  • Communications Planning. Can be customized for small nonprofits, for executive directors, for fundraising objectives/donor communications, for community engagement objectives, strategic planning versus editorial planning, etc.

  • Communications Effectiveness. What the most effective communicators do and don’t do, the CALM not BUSY model, how to take your nonprofit to the next level, how to grow and manage communications teams and functions within an organization.

  • Tactical Best Practices. Best done in a workshop setting, we can review and practice current best practices for websites, email, social media and more.

  • The Seven Nonprofit Writing Styles. Understanding how to write in different ways for maximum effectiveness, including news writing, storytelling, and lifestyle writing.

  • Thought Leadership. Understanding what it takes for your nonprofit to stand out and be recognized as a leader.

Speaking Fees

Speaking fees are negotiated based on your specific needs. However, you can use the following fees as budgeting guidelines, with the understanding that negotiated fees may be more or less depending on your needs, location, time of year, etc.

  • In-Person: $5,000 for up to a half day, $7,500 for full day, plus travel expenses. Kivi flies out of Charlotte, NC (CLT).
  • Online: $1,200 per hour

Kivi’s only diva request: hot black tea, please. She doesn’t drink coffee. And no red-eye flights. You might need to pay a second night’s hotel so she can fly at a more humane hour. But coach is fine. This is the nonprofit sector, after all!

Ready to Discuss Your Event?

Please contact Kivi Leroux Miller directly at or (336) 870-0251.