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The All-Access Pass

To be effective at nonprofit communications, you need to not only produce quality, engaging work, but also take care of yourself and your team. That means you need a rock-solid support system where you can gain knowledge, inspiration, and understanding.

And you can get that and more with our All-Access Pass.

The goal of our All-Access Pass Program is to empower nonprofit communicators so you can:

  • Do your job more confidently

  • Push back against bad ideas

  • Speak with authority

  • Learn to think more strategically

  • Work smarter, not harder

  • Be a trailblazer at your organization

  • Take care of yourself and your team to prevent burnout

Designed specifically for busy nonprofit communications directors and their staff, the All-Access Pass will help you learn your job, love your work, and lead your team with training, community, and support.

Imagine what you can do with 365 days of learning and growing with us and our wonderful Pass Holder Community!

The Annual All-Access Pass is only $799

Already have a Pass and need to renew? Renew Here

What You Get

  • Live training webinars and workshops every month

  • Hours of recorded webinars and online video courses

  • Scores of downloads like e-books, worksheets, and templates

  • Exclusive events like workshops and live streams

  • Support and community from industry experts and peers

  • The option to add a team member for more than 85% off the price of a second Pass

  • A team who keeps up with the latest trends and best practices so you don’t have to

Some Upcoming Live Training Included:

  • The Insights and Impact Hiding in Your Nonprofit’s Email List: A Beginner’s Guide to Zero-Party Data

  • *Jump Start Growing Your Nonprofit Communications Team

  • Rapid Response with Ease

  • The Seven Styles of Nonprofit Writing Master Class

  • Conveying Your Nonprofit’s Personality on Social Media

  • *Jump Start Your Content Creation Workflows

  • *Jump Start Your Content Creation Workflows

  • Everything You Need to Know About Editorial Calendars in 2024

  • Communications Planning That Works Master Class

Some Titles Available Right Now in the Webinar Archive:

  • Stepping Up Your Instagram Content Strategy

  • SEO Content Strategy for Nonprofit Success

  • Sharing Is Caring: How to Curate Content to Engage Followers (and Save You a Ton of Time)

  • How to Write Faster: Tips for Nonprofit Communicators

  • Getting People to Click: How to Write (Ethically!) for Opens, Clicks, and Conversions

  • How to Create an Email Welcome Series That Will Engage and Retain Your Subscribers

  • Video Trends for Nonprofits in 2023

  • Creating a Brand and Style Guide for Your Nonprofit

  • Picking the Right Social Platforms for Your Nonprofit Moving Forward

  • Measuring Your Communications Work: How to Get Started

  • Social Media Trends for Nonprofit Communicators in 2023

*Jump Starter Workshops are Pass Holder Exclusives. You MUST have an All-Access Pass to attend.

More About the 2023 All-Access Pass

A Focus on Nonprofit Marketing Guide’s 10 Keys to Nonprofit Communications Success

An All-Access Pass gives you all the tools you need to help you learn your job, love your work, and lead your teams. And in 2023, we are going to be much more explicit in helping you understand what you should be working on in your professional development. Based on data from our Nonprofit Communications Trends Reports and our own experience in coaching hundreds of communications directors, we know there are 10 Keys to Successful Nonprofit Marketing and Communications. So the training you get with an All-Access Pass will revolve around those 10 keys:

  1. Communications Planning and Strategy
  2. Understanding Your Community and Prioritizing Targets
  3. Creating Relevant Messaging and Engaging Content
  4. Communications Channel Management
  5. Brand Consistency and Reputation Management
  6. Writing Skills and Content Creation
  7. Visual Content Skills and Creation
  8. Communications Workflows, Processes, and Team Management
  9. Relationships, Boundaries, and Productivity
  10. Measuring Success and Optimizing Your Approaches

Earn Certificates for the 10 Keys to Nonprofit Communications Success At No Additional Cost

We plan to launch certificates for at least three of the 10 keys in 2023 with others to follow. That means as a Pass Holder you will be able to quickly earn these certificates at no additional cost since the training and courses involved are already included with your All-Access Pass.

Building Our Community Space

After years of using Facebook Groups as a gathering place for our Pass Holder Community, we have created a new space that better aligns with the type of community we want to create. We’ll be leaning into community building in 2023 with more live sessions tailored to your needs.

Here are some community highlights:

  • You’ll find the content is much better organized than Facebook Groups but has the familiar “newsfeed” that we are all used to.
  • It’s easier to find people in similar situations with dedicated small groups like our Smaller Teams, Newbies, and BIPOC spaces.
  • We have places to vent, places to celebrate, and places to get help fast in addition to places to ask your everyday tactical questions.
  • Each space has its own moderator and Kivi and Kristina are always around to jump in too.
  • Every Pass Holder gets a special badge and can earn more by completing special challenges
  • You can easily format your posts and add gifs, photos, files and more.
  • Your login is tied to your Learning Center account you’ll create when you get your Pass so there are no additional logins to remember.

Add a Team Member Feature

So that members of your team can access everything — live trainings, Learning Center courses and downloads, and the Community — without you having to share your login, we an “Add a Team Member” option to the Pass.

For an additional $100/person, you can add a colleague to your Pass and they will get their own login. That’s more than 85% off the price of another Pass.

This means they can RSVP and receive their own connection for events, access the Learning Center resources, and join the new Community under their own name. They will essentially have their own Pass but without paying full price!

To add a team member:

Just sign up for an All-Access Pass and you will be asked when you complete your purchase if you want to add a team member. Once you get that set up, you can contact Kristina to add two more team members.

Who It’s for

  • Nonprofit communications directors who want a one-stop professional development headquarters.

  • Communications professionals who are ready to take their nonprofit communications to the next level.

  • Executive directors or development directors who are also responsible for marketing and communications and need practical no-nonsense advice.


The All-Access Pass is one of the best professional development decisions I’ve made. It’s one of my first stops whenever I need information on non-profit communications. I also love the opportunities to connect with other nonprofit marketing professionals. In a recent job interview I was asked about the elements of a good marketing plan. That’s a tough question to explain verbally on the spot. After pausing for a moment, I walked them through the elements of the strategic planning card deck with some examples that might fit their needs. The Executive Director told me it was the best response to that question he’d ever heard. I got the job, and now they’re paying for my All-Access Pass so I can keep learning!

Julia Gatten, Marketing & Communications Director, The Narrative Enneagram

Training from Nonprofit Marketing Guide has been the most helpful professional development I have undertaken in my eight years of communications experience. The Master Class workshops are a practical and effective tool for understanding complex nuances of nonprofit communication, and I find myself referring back to materials frequently.

Bethany Giblin, Communications Associate, American Psychological Foundation

The Pass is one thing I ask for every year around budget time. It’s an invaluable resource.

Mary Beth Johnson, Writer/Editor, JAARS, Inc.

The All-Access Pass feels like my lifeline to new resources and expertise and support and colleagues I can’t find anywhere else, which is so vital to our little two-person team. I can’t imagine doing our work without it!

Jane Austin, Marketing Director at AchieveMpls

“I love the All-Access Pass, and reference the available resources all the time! Having access to all of your webinars helps me stay attuned to nonprofit communications trends and best practices. This is a huge benefit, as the field is constantly evolving, and it’s hard to stay on top of it all. I know that with the Pass, you all are staying on top of the trends, and I just have to absorb. The Pass has also exposed me to important topics and information that I wouldn’t have necessarily made time in my day to explore otherwise. I have found that because of the Pass, I make more space in my week to take a step back and reflect and learn—it’s truly been an asset for my own professional development. Lastly, the Facebook group has been such a source of great ideas and support. Whenever I feel stuck, I know that I have a group of fellow smart and creative professionals. It’s been a wonderful community to tap into.”

Rosie Aquila, Communications and Marketing Manager at Iona Senior Services

I love how generous the Nonprofit Marketing Guide is with sharing their knowledge. The content is always to the point, relevant and practical. After reading an article or taking one of the webinars included with the All-Access Pass, I feel like I could apply all or part of what I have learned immediately after. And the sanity check from having a community that is working through the same challenges is nice.

Rachel Braver, Communications Coordinator at Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano

I’ve been a Pass Holder a long time, a REALLY long time and I’m still learning from the webinars and Facebook Group exchanges. I look to Kivi, Kristina and the host of experts they pull together to help me navigate “The Noise.” My All-Access Pass has been — BY FAR — the most valuable professional tool I’ve purchased in the last 10 years. I value it so much that if my boss won’t pay for it, I pay for it myself. But my real value clincher comes from the community of professionals who make up our All-Access Pass community – they make the Pass totally worth it too!

Tara Collins, former communications director and current consultant

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a money-back guarantee?2021-01-27T17:32:15-05:00

You can get a full refund if you request it within 30 days of your Pass purchase.

When can I start using my Pass?2021-01-27T17:31:48-05:00

As soon as you purchase your Pass, you can login to our website and begin learning! RSVP for a live event, catch a recorded webinar from the last six months or enroll in a new course. It will all be available to you as soon as you buy your Pass.

Can I just register for webinars or workshops a la carte?2021-11-29T19:54:38-05:00

If you think you will only attend a couple of webinars throughout the year and have no interest in the other resources and community that come with a Pass, then registering individually might make sense for you. However, the Pass pays for itself in no time as Master Classes are $249 and our two-part webinar series are $199 each. Please note that Jump Starter workshops are Pass Holder Exclusive events. You have to have a current Pass to attend.

What if I can’t make it to a live webinar or live in another country?2021-01-27T17:30:21-05:00

We record our webinars* and keep them in our Webinar Archive for six months. You will have access to the Archive (and the other Pass Holder resources) 24/7 and can watch at your convenience.

*We do NOT record workshops like Jump Starters and Master Classes. We have found that between the small group time and participant discussion, these sessions do not lend themselves to being recorded.

What live webinars can I attend if I get the Pass?2021-01-27T17:28:57-05:00

You can attend all of our webinars and workshops. We usually have two to three live events a month.

(An All-Access Pass does not allow you to attend calls associated with The Communications Directors Mentoring Program or other special coaching programs. Those are additional fees.)

Can I share it with my staff? UPDATED2023-06-14T12:22:04-04:00

Yes, you can share the Pass with your team, but there are restrictions.

What You Can Share

Your All-Access Pass allows you only one connection to live events. But if you are working in the same office you can gather around a computer or conference table to watch together.

You are also welcome to download resources like ebooks and worksheets from the Learning Center to share with your team.

What You Can’t Share

Please do not share your account login with others, even if you did so in the past. In the last few years, we’ve added major benefits to the Pass, including the new Learning Center and the Community. And we just launched our Marketing Certificate Program for Pass Holders. These are all dependent on your email address representing a single person. Your Learning Center Dashboard is customized to you personally and the courses you have started. Your Community membership is also tied to you as a person. To create a sense of community, it is essential that one email address/login represents one human being with a name and a face who takes responsibility for what they post (we are not allowing organizations in the Community the same way a Page could join a Facebook Group.)  We love your organization, but we love you as the person working there much more.

Adding a Team Member to Your Pass

So that members of your team can access everything — live trainings, Learning Center courses and downloads, and the Community — without you having to share your login, we are introducing a new “Add a Team Member” option to the Pass starting in November 2021.

For an additional $100/person, you can add a colleague to your Pass and they will get their own login. That’s more than 85% off the price of another Pass. This means they can RSVP and receive their own connection for events, access the Learning Center resources, and join the new Community under their own name. They will essentially have their own Pass but without paying full price!

Please note this offer applies to team members working for the same organizational unit only. For example, if you work for a national organization that has state affiliates with their own executive directors, members of the national comms team could use the “Add a Team Member” offer, but the state affiliates could not. They would need to purchase their own Passes at the regular price.

If you have any questions about this, please ask Kristina.

Does the Pass automatically renew every year?2021-01-27T17:42:36-05:00

No. You will need to renew your Pass each year. We will let you know 30 days before your Pass is set to expire, then again a week before and the day before. Each of these emails will have the link to renew.

How does the Pass work?2021-01-27T17:42:41-05:00

When you purchase your Pass, you will create a password and be given access to exclusive areas of our learning center when you are logged in.

How can I pay for the All-Access Pass?2021-01-27T17:42:47-05:00

We prefer you pay using a credit card or PayPal, but if you need to pay by check, please contact us and we can make arrangements.