Presented by Kivi Leroux Miller

Thursday, May 2, 2024

1:00 – 4:00 pm ET (10:00 am – 1:00 pm PT)

Learn how to master the seven distinct types of copywriting during this interactive and engaging training opportunity.

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Most nonprofit communicators consider themselves to be good writers.

But what really sets apart the great writers in the nonprofit world is a mastery of seven distinct types of copywriting.

Odds are you are great at a few of the seven styles, but you could use some polishing on the others.

During this workshop, we’ll review today’s best practices for seven kinds of nonprofit writing:

  1. Microcontent
  2. Storytelling
  3. Supporter-Centered Copywriting
  4. News Writing
  5. Conversion Copywriting
  6. Lifestyle Writing
  7. Thought Leadership

You will also work in small groups twice to practice how to improve and repurpose real-world nonprofit copy into a different writing style, helping you gain a better understanding of the differences between the styles and which styles to use in what context.

We’ll Cover:

  • The three levels of editing and why each is important

  • Each style of writing and how best to use them

  • Real-world examples of each style

  • Small group time to edit and repurpose content from real nonprofits during our breakout sessions


Participants in this Master Class will also get the Seven Writing Styles Resource Guide which includes more details and additional resources on each style as well as other helpful content like:

  • Phrases That Share Progress and Give Supporters Credit
  • The Three Storytelling Plots We Like Best
  • Repurposing from One Style of Writing to Another
  • Coaching Others on Writing
  • 20 Tips for Writing Short
  • 50 Fill-in-the-Blank Headlines
  • Replace These Wordy Phrases
  • Writing Messages for the Heart and Head

What Others Have Said about This Master Class

“My favorite things were the break-out sessions and being forced to write! I liked working on real-world examples and then seeing the results and hearing others results, too. I found the Master Class even more helpful than your regular lecture-style training.” Whitney Smith, The North Carolina Arboretum

“I thought it was helpful real time ‘workshopping’ with others. You two are pros!” – Brooke Gilder, Greater Good Grant Consulting

“Good mix of theory and immediate hands-on practice.” – Estelle Jobson, The European Association for the Study of the Liver

“My favorite part was the opportunity to try out different styles of writing and hear the examples created by other groups. It didn’t feel like 3 hours.” – A.S.

“I found this Master Class more – WAY – more helpful than regular webinars. It kept me engaged and was more challenging and fun. I loved being able to put what we learned into action and connect with others in the workshop. Great, great job. Thank you so much!” – Katie

“The breakout rooms and a chance to dig in and do the work was my favorite part. We were a little shy to start with but warmed up quickly.” – O.B.

“I thought it was put together quite well. I appreciated the focus given to specific writing styles. I don’t think like that in my work. I do use the different styles but not so intentionally. “ – Beth Gibbins, Catholic Charities, Diocese of Des Moines

More Frequently Asked Questions

What technology is used for this Master Class?

In addition to using Zoom, we will house the resources for the workshop in a Google Drive folder. (Pass Holders, you can find the resources in the All-Access Pass Holder Resource Library).

We will also use the site Mentimeter, an interactive presentation software. This requires no download on your part though. You will just follow the link given during the class.

Is this Master Class recorded?

Unfortunately we do NOT record workshops since there is so much time spent in small groups. Do not register if you know you cannot attend live.

If something comes up we can send you all of the resources we shared as well as answer any questions you might have about creating your own communications plan.

Meet Kivi Leroux Miller

Kivi Leroux Miller is the founder and CEO of Nonprofit Marketing Guide, where she helps nonprofit communications professionals learn their jobs, love their work, and lead their teams through a variety of training and coaching programs. She has personally mentored hundreds of nonprofit communications directors and communications teams as a certified executive coach.

She is a popular and trusted keynote, workshop, and webinar presenter. Kivi is also the award-winning author of three books on nonprofit marketing and communications that are often used in college and certificate programs.

  • CALM not BUSY: How to Manage Your Nonprofit’s Communications for Great Results (2018, published by Bold & Bright Media)
  • Content Marketing for Nonprofits: A Communications Map for Engaging Your Community, Becoming a Favorite Cause, and Raising More Money (2013, Winner of the Terry McAdam Book Award, published by Wiley & Sons)
  • The Nonprofit Marketing Guide: High-Impact, Low-Cost Ways to Build Support for Your Good Cause, Second Edition (First published in 2010 and re-released in 2021 by Wiley & Sons).

Because she can’t get enough of nonprofits and entrepreneurship for good, Kivi serves as the president of the Lexington Farmers Market Association (Lexington, NC) and co-founded a baking business with her teenage daughter called Rabble & Rise Baking Co.

After attending college in the San Francisco Bay Area and a few years working in Washington, DC, Kivi moved to rural North Carolina where she has lived for the last twenty years with her husband, two teenage daughters, and seven rescue cats, including a tripawd. She enjoys year-round gardening, baking, vegetarian cooking, hiking, and kayaking.