Based on some questions we got during last week’s webinar Getting People to Click: How to Write (Ethically!) for Opens, Clicks, and Conversions (recording available with an All-Access Pass), many of you still aren’t maintaining healthy email lists even though we’ve been talking about this for over 2 years now.

This is concerning any time of year, but believe it or not, year-end giving is right around the corner and a clean email list is essential for making it through the more rigorous filters inbox providers put up to handle the influx of holiday messaging.

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Here are 6 things you should do NOW to have your best chances for a successful year-end email campaign:

1. Try to re-engage lapsed subscribers.

2. Delete or suppress those who haven’t engaged in AT LEAST 90 days.

3. Run some list building campaigns to get new subscribers.

4. Think of different ways to segment your list.

5. Create (or freshen up) your welcome series.

6. Test your automation processes

Create test email accounts from various inbox providers (Gmail, Yahoo, Apple, etc) to check the subscription/unsubscribe process works like it’s supposed to and to make sure your emails are getting through and look right.

I know it’s August, but taking the time to do this now will make life so much easier in a few months!

Published On: August 9, 2022|Categories: Email List Management, Fundraising|