The Situation

Mary Ingvoldstad, the communications and brand strategist for Northern Nevada HOPES, was feeling disorganized and overwhelmed by marketing and communications planning. “Our organization had multiple templates for planning, multiple calendars, etc., but it seemed impossible to get the whole team on track using the same systems,” says Mary. “We usually ended up doing short-term planning, leaving us stressed and overwhelmed.”

The Solution

Through her participation in the Communications Director Mentoring Program, Mary found new templates and approaches to planning that work much better for her team and the organization as a whole.

She also enjoyed learning from the other communications staff in the program. “It was really great listening and learning from peers in the group. I didn’t realize how collaborative the program would be and how much I would learn from the other participants,” says Mary. “It was nice to know other folks struggle with the same things we do, and to learn how people and organizations have resolved problems and faced challenges.”

The Results

After completing the Mentoring Program, Mary feels much more intentional in her work, rather than feeling scattered and doing last-minute planning. “I feel more strategic. Although our team doesn’t have everything figured out, I feel like I now have the tools to get us to work in a really collaborative, intentional, and creative system,” says Mary.