Many nonprofits focus on creating engaging content that gets people to like, comment, share or click. And that’s great!

But with a bit more thinking and planning upfront, those same content marketing campaigns could be even more strategic — producing even more impressive results.

Consider trying one of these approaches.

Improve Conversion on Your Highest Ranking Web Pages for Organic Search

Look at your Google analytics and see which pages on your website are getting the most organic traffic from search.

Now, figure out a way to convert more of the people visiting those pages to your email list. Test a few different offers, such as a free download. This website visit may be the first time site visitors become aware of your organization, so offering something simple and useful is a good place to start.

Encourage Deeper Learning

What about the people who are already on your email list or following you on social? They are already aware of your organization and issues at some level, so how about a campaign that would help them go deeper?

I like a “choose your own adventure” approach. You give your supporters a choice between three different things they can learn more about. Depending on the options you provide, this could also give you more insight into who your followers are and what they need from you at this stage of the relationship.

Offer Relationships and Community

Another great approach is to provide your followers and subscribers with ways they can connect directly with others. Do you manage a Facebook Group, for example, or Zoom meetings where people can get to know others who share the same passion or needs? Facilitating relationship building and helping people find “their” people and build community is a fantastic way to build engagement.

If you use any of these approaches now or plan to try them, let us know! We’d love to share your examples.