Thanks to the 391 nonprofit staff who helped pick the topic of our next free webinar: Quick and Dirty Nonprofit Marketing Plans, which is now scheduled for November 16, 2011. I know that seems like forever from now, but we are already talking about nonprofit marketing plans during another free webinar THIS week: 30 Nonprofit Marketing Planning Questions in 30 Minutes, on Thursday.  You are some plan lovin’ people!

I hope you can join us for both.

randomly selected 10 survey participants to receive one free webinar pass, and here are the winners (I’ll email you instructions):

  • Nicole Holt, Community Counseling Center
  • Jennifer Doron, Ohio Environmental Council
  • Scarlett Swerdlow, Arts Alliance Illinois
  • Anne-Marie Taylor, Indianapolis Neighborhood Resource Center
  • Kim MacKenzie, Nobel Women’s Initiative
  • Sylvie Bendier, Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago
  • Julie Catalano, Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research
  • Melanie Lyons, Alexander Hamilton Friends Association
  • Kathryn Bauchelle, Literacy Advance of Houston
  • Michelle Watkins, Explora

I’m making some adjustments to our fall and winter programming as a result of the survey so thank you, as always, for your ideas and input!


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