Charity: Water has done it again with a brilliant fundraising email posing as a newsletter (or newsletter posing as a fundraising email . . .)

Charity Water Story Email

You can use this tactic too: Find three of your supporters and highlight what they are doing to support your cause.

This not only promotes their individual fundraising campaigns, assuming they are actively raising money for you, but you’ll get several other important benefits too:

  • It’s pure social proof. We are much more likely to do something if we see other people are already doing it.
  • It can put an upbeat, fun, and light aura around even the most serious issues. (Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS?)
  • It’s inspiring! Look at these interesting ways people — in this case, kids — are raising money.

How can you highlight what your supporters are doing and inspire others to join in too?

P.S. Here are the links in the email:

Noah’s Toy Drive for Clean Water

Give One Dollar, Give Water

Cosette’s Paintings with a Purpose


Published On: April 1, 2015|Categories: Email Marketing, Fundraising, Storytelling, Writing Skills and Content|