I just finished presenting a free webinar with 25 real-world examples from 25 different nonprofits that communications directors can use to inspire their own work.

Ever curious about what communications directors need, I asked two poll questions about where they felt they most needed more examples and inspiration for their own work product. Communications and fundraising bloggers, take note!

When I asked about communications channels specifically, the answers were fairly evenly distributed with Blog or Newsletter and Email coming in ahead.


In which channel do you need the most inspiration?



In which area do you need the most inspiration?


When I asked the question a different way, we found an almost equal desire for inspiration around increasing awareness (list building) and building engagement (activity with current lists).

I’ll be taking this into account as I think about what I blog on and encourage my fellow bloggers to do the same. If you write something that you think includes lots of inspiring examples (not just advice), feel free to tweet a link to us @npmktgd using #mixedlinks and Kristina may include it in our Friday round-up posts.


Published On: August 16, 2018|Categories: Nonprofit Marketing Trends|