I’m heading to the airport soon, and will be blogging from Maryland and Washington, DC this week.

On Tuesday, I’m speaking three times (yes, three times) at the 2011 Nonprofit Summit in Frederick, Maryland, sponsored by the Ausherman Family Foundation.  I’m talking about Quick and Dirty Marketing Plans, Nonprofit Storytelling, and Positioning Your Nonprofit as an Expert Source.

On Wednesday, in addition to meeting with a new client, Franciscan Mission Service, I’ll attend the Google for Nonprofits event at Google’s DC headquarters and will either live blog or tweet or Facebook on the latest from Google.

Thursday through Saturday is the Nonprofit Technology Conference in DC, and I’ll also blog, tweet, and/or Facebook from there as well.  If our paths cross, please say Hello! If not, you can still participate in much of the conference virtually. Get the details on NTC Online here.

P.S. No webinar this week since I’m traveling, but here’s what’s coming up next week and later . . .

March 24: Telling Powerful Stories about Everyday People

March 30: Storytelling for Fundraisers

April 7: Rethinking Your Nonprofit Newsletter: Making It More Relevant for Today

April 12: Time and Sanity Savers for the Overwhelmed Nonprofit Marketer

April 28: Making the Ask: Getting People to Give, Volunteer and More

May 5: Integrating Your Online and Offline Marketing into One Plan that Works

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