In brand-new research for the 2017 edition of the Nonprofit Communications Trends Report, we discovered that four types of communications teams are most prevalent in our sector. While those teams are equally distributed, that’s really where the similarities end.

Only two of the team models — Integrated and Centralized — performed well on the various questions we asked about communications effectiveness.

What does this mean for your organization? How can you use this research to decide what’s right for your organization, especially as your communications team grows?

That’s what I’m talking about this week on Thursday, during a budget-friendly $20 webinar called “The Four Types of Communications Teams: Making the Best Choice for Your Nonprofit.”  I’ll talk about the pros and cons of each team model, how to make the most of each of them, and how to transition to the top two models as your team grows.

I hope you’ll join us! Can’t make it? Be sure to download your free copy of the Trends Report for the research.